Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mercury Falls-Robert Kroese

Mercury Falls
Robert Kroese
St. Culain Press, Jul 13 2009, $12.00
ISBN: 9780578032146

Banner religious reporter Christine Temetri has heard too often that the End of Times is about to begin. However, she changes her mind about this time it is for real when she meets indifferent Mercury an angel who prefers making Rice Krispy Treats. He informs her that the schedule is set and the Antichrist is a thirty seven years old dropout living in his mom’s attic.

Karl Grissom is ready to make his big debut a smashing success. Christine pleads with Mercury to prevent the insanity from occurring. Meanwhile strange bedfellows surface as angels and fallen angels ally either for the end of mankind to begin or to prevent the final curtain. When an effort to kill Karl before he can pronounce who he is to an unsuspecting world fails due to a blunder by Christine and Mercury, Lucifer vows to kill the interfering duo and take out traitors in his ranks and that of God.

Mindful of the Travolta’s film Michael, but with a sharper edge, Mercury Falls is a terrific often amusing End of days thriller that takes a wicked shot at the commercialization of Heaven, Hell and everyone in between. Robert Kroese makes a lucid point throughout that there is not much to choose from between the bi-polar opposites as bureaucracies run both in spite of leaders trying otherwise. Readers will enjoy the debate on what the Apocalypse means to angels and demons as each wonders if they will die. The heroes Christine and Mercury prove there are no shortcuts even in death to heaven or hell.

Harriet Klausner

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