Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jim Butcher: The Dresden Files: Storm Front- Adaptation by Mark Powers; illustrated by Ardian Syaf

Jim Butcher: The Dresden Files: Storm Front
Adaptation by Mark Powers; illustrated by Ardian Syaf
Del Rey, Jun 2009, $22.95
ISBN: 9780345506399

On Harry Dresden’s Earth, beings such as fairies, trolls, and vampires roam the planet. Wizards also exist, as Harry knows firsthand, being such a creature. Harry has listed himself in the yellow pages as the only in the open practicing wizard in the country. Harry has even helped the Chicago police on a case or two though most officers reject the arcane.

Harry is in bad standing with the White Council that governs wizards because he survived an incident in which he killed someone in self-defense using magic. He is under the Doom of Damocles in which if he breaks any rules, he will be executed. This makes his present situation a bit touchy. He is working a case involving the use of deadly magic that requires Harry to reconstruct the original spell in order to identify the murderer. If his watchdog who loathes him catches him performing an inkling of dark magic, he will be obliterated. Feeling he has no choice, Harry soon finds himself on the abyss by the dark magic he encounters.

This is a fine graphic comic book of the first Dresden urban fantasy originally released in 2000. Mark Powers’ story line feels fresh yet adheres nicely to the original thriller, but also seems so much darker; partly because of the Ardian Syaf arcane vision of Dresden’s Chicago. Fans of the saga especially of the TV series will relish Dresden goes comic book as this series converts superbly.

Harriet Klausner

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