Saturday, May 16, 2009

Albrim’s Curse-Trevis Powell

Albrim’s Curse
Trevis Powell
BlackWyrm Publishing, May 2009, $11.95
ISBN: 9780982006740
Chimney Ridge Ct
Louisville, KY 40299

As he has done at other villages recently, Lord Ferule’s heir Sir Garen arrives in Cobble to draft archers to hunt a new breed of bigger wolf, obviously created by the evil Quarg, who recently killed one human in Spicer. Master bowman Borel will lead the Cobble contingent of fourteen that includes his excited son Albrim who recently turned fifteen so has become a fighter’s age; half the town’s warriors are left behind to protect the villagers.

Sixteen days later, Albrim is bored having met no enemy. Word arrives that a werewolf has been part of the assault. Albrim and his dad rush back to Cobble to find a war zone. Borel is killed by the werewolf who also bites off Albrim’s arm before town leader Gran kills the evil beast with silver. Albrim is left in a wooded area near the cove of a giant, who takes him into his home, but ties up the ex archer to insure he cannot harm him when he changes. Albrim dubs the silent giant Mute who soon brings the Dwarf to the encampment. Dwarf places a special silver piece on Albrim to prevent the conversion; leaves him books on the were, and warns him hunters go after werewolves. Albrim who once dreamed of becoming like his dad who was the town’s best archer has begun a different adventure.

ALBRIM’S CURSE starts off as a typical medieval like fantasy, but takes a shocking exhilarating twist as the expected teen hero becomes Cursed. The cast is powerful as the audience will believe in werewolves, Cursed, spells, and much more, but obviously the despondent, angry Albrim and the silent brilliant communicator own the tale. Readers who enjoy a terrific refreshing twist to the coming of age hero fantasy will want to join Albrim’s journey to battle the Quarg as long as the lad wears the silver and Mute is nearby to kick butt. This book is pure magic, a special novel that enchants the audience

Harriet Klausner

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