Saturday, February 23, 2008

Staked-J.F. Lewis

J.F. Lewis
Pocket, Mar 2008, $14.00
ISBN 9781416547808

In Void City Eric the vampire cannot remember the last time had so much trouble as he has had over the past few days. It is not that his blood sustenance has turned sour, but he has had some bouts of mini amnesia and suffers apparent blackouts. Roger his business partner at the Demon Heart Strip Club acts strangely as if he wants more; and Eric fears he may owe Police Captain Stacey an exorbitant “Fang Fee” to cover his recent unknown crimes. His human girlfriend Tabitha has begged him to turn her; something he has been hesitant to perform, but mental erosion sets in as the insistent nagging persuades him to change her; only to have her dump him once her new teeth are set; besides her sister seems cuter.

However, Eric has even bigger problems as he had an incident with a werewolf pack that kill his Mustang and capture him, but immediately afterward turn up dead in Orchard Park with the evidence affirming that a vampire killed them. He knows he is being framed but does not know why or who. The dead lycans’ pack led by the father of one of the deceased, is outraged by the affront. Evangelical William the Alpha sends his minion after Eric.

STAKED is a thrilling action-packed urban fantasy starring a predatory fall guy who finds everyone in his circle seemingly using him for personal gain. The story line is filled with action as Eric does what vampires do to stay alive while battling vicious werewolves, magical assaults; clever blood suckers, bribing cops, and the most dangerous species of all: human females; all in a night’s bite. Fans will appreciate J.F. Lewis’ fine opening tour of Void City where even the undead wonder if you are better off dead.

Harriet Klausner

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