Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dragons Wild-Robert Asprin

Dragons Wild
Robert Asprin
Ace, Apr 2008, $14.00
ISBN: 9780441014705

Long before man appeared on earth, dragons ruled the planet killing off the dinosaurs and ant other species that got in their way. They looked at the newcomer humanity as harmless until it was too late, forcing the proud dragons into hiding by disguising themselves as humans. Recent Michigan University graduate Griffen McCandles thinks dragons are nothing more than a mirthful myth until his Uncle Malcolm claims that his nephew (and niece) is almost a full bred dragon and will soon come into his secondary powers. He also warns Griffen that some dragons will want him dead because of the prophecy while others will want to use and abuse him; some will remain cautious observing him closely to see what powers he develops before acting.

Griffen wonders what type of weed his uncle took as he does not take his relative seriously; that is until his girlfriend Mai says something about dragons and vanishes. His bookie Jerome tells Griffen that he too is a dragon albeit a lesser blood and that his boss Mose wants him to head up their gambling operations in New Orleans. Griff and his sister Valerie take up the offer since the George the dragon killer has left his calling card the Knight of Swords at his door. In New Orleans Griffen begins to grow into his powers and though George followed him, there are also other local dragons using animals to spy on him. Griff realizes he has an enemy besides George who wants him dead.

This is the start of what looks like will be a great urban fantasy series that is funky, funny and fun. The young dragon must learn what his powers are while trying to stay alive by avoiding the George and the unknown adversary. Griffen’s sister is like all female dragons as she is independent, temperamental, and charming and she too must learn to control her new skills instead of just protecting her helpless male brother. Robert Asprin has begun another fine myth with his first entry in his wild dragon culture.

Harriet Klausner

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