Monday, August 27, 2007

Warlord-Angela Knight

Angela Knight
Berkley, Sep 2007, $14.00
ISBN: 9780425217849

“Jane’s Warlord”. Three hundred years from now the Temporal Enforcement sends warlord Baran Arvid and his genetically engineered wolf Freika back to the twenty-first century to protect reporter Jane Colby from a murderous time traveler Kalag Druss. Baran is to kill Kalag before the jump killer murders Jane. Jane covers a particular brutal murder nearby her home. When she returns to her house, she finds Baran and the talkative Freika waiting for her. Escape is impossible and soon she figures out that her warden and his sidekick come from the future. The worst that could happen to Baran is that he falls in love which distracts him from his mission and places his beloved in peril from the deadly time traveler.

“Warfem”. Her enemy captured WarFem Alina, who would prefer to die, but fears that her foes will use her as a hostage to betray her people and her beloved Baird.

“The Warlord and the Fem”. Kyne hides on the ship Drunna’s Victory from the Warlord Baird Airell who she met while on R&R on the planet Verton. She is a Fem, a genetically engineered soldier which make her subject to any demands in the bedroom from a Warlord; that scares her when it comes to Baird. She has to confront her fears because Baird gains the crew’s respect as he tries to bond with her.

“Baby, You’ve Changed”. When the ship Intrepid defeated the ship that Fem Tamin was on, she was reunited with her first lover Gage Deauxville. She rejected him because he was human, but now he is a vampire who claims he is her master.

JANE’S WARLORD is a reprint of the same title novel while “Warfem” was first published as part of the Kick Ass novellas anthology; the two short stories are new. WARLORD provides fans of Angela Knight, an omnibus collection of this entertaining outer space fantasy saga.

Harriet Klausner

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