Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Fall of Lucifer-Wendy Alec

The Fall of Lucifer
Wendy Alec
Realms, 2005, $12.95
ISBN: 9781591858140

After Yehovah, there is the great trio; regents of the almighty. Lucifer the eldest is the favorite as the light bearer viceroy; Michael is the mightiest warrior and general of the angel army; and Gabriel the youngest recently has arisen to their level as the revelator.

Heaven has been harmonious for eternity until the announcement by Yehovah. He is creating a new race not of angelic matter, but from a DNA coding in his image. None of the angelic horde feels comfortable with the pronouncement, but of the lead threesome, only Lucifer feels betrayed by his heavenly Father. Michael and Gabriel do not understand the rationale behind God’s decision, but remain true and loyal as they assume that there are things even they as his immediate lieutenants cannot understand. When Yehovah ignores his plea not create such an abomination, an ouraged Lucifer revolts. Yehovah punishes him by sending him to live on earth with his new species. However, instead of moping, Lucifer as Satan plans to destroy the heavenly monstrosity.

This is an interesting look at THE FALL OF LUCIFER in which the description especially of pre-human heaven is vivid and deep. Lucifer as the title character is fully developed so that when Yehovah announces the new non-angelic species, his anger and disappointment is palatable and remains at that level even after he loses the heavenly battles and becomes exiled; rage keeps him going. Although Yehovah, Michael, Gabriel, and the rest of heaven seem underdeveloped especially next to the emotional three dimensional Lucifer, with a nod to Milton’s PARADISE LOST Wendy Alec provides an interesting tale of how the human genome’s Godly creation provoked a heavenly war.

Harriet Klausner

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