Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wood Sprites-Wen Spencer

Wood Sprites
Wen Spencer
Baen, Sep 2 2014, $25.00
ISBN 9781476736716

In New York City, twins Louise Georgina and Jillian Eloise Mayer are fifth graders at the Perelman School for the Gifted; while they also own and run Lemon Lime Jel-Lo creating satirical elven animations.  An explosion in the studio disrupts their latest project leaving them in the hospital.  To their astonishment, the two patients learn their blood type is AB; while their parents (George and Mackenzie) are O. 

George, who works at a cryogenic lab, explains they came from fertilized eggs.  Further research leads the sisters to learn they are hybrids with human and elven blood; who their surrogate mother and biological parents are; and the existence of four other eggs soon to be destroyed.  Louise and Eloise decide to identify whose specific DNA flows inside them and to save the eggs while working on a school play; but unaware their efforts place them in the middle of a cross-species conflict.

The 4th Elfhome young adult fantasy (see Tinker, Wolf Who Rules and Elfhome) contains plenty of science fiction in the mix while also allowing Tinker a respite as the focus turns to her younger brilliant sisters who provide a tweener perspective to recent events.  Fast-paced from the opening explosion to the final explosive confrontation, series fans will appreciate this entry in spite of little new happening; as all the twins want are to learn more about their roots, save their unborn siblings, produce their next film and perform in the school play; others have different plans for the pair.

Harriet Klausner

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