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The Vampire’s Curse-Mandy Rosko

The Vampire’s Curse
Mandy Rosko
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Apr 23 2013, $9.99
ISBN: 9781489521125

In Griffon City, with her mom ill, Jackie Moore the witch does a double shift at her mother’s business Patty’s Potions N’ More.  After closing the shop, Jackie walks home in a snowstorm when a male body lands at her feet next to a prone female; several vampires lay unconscious while others stand nearby.  When Jackie goes to help the man on the snow near her, he apologetically tries to bite her; but instead she kisses him and flees.

Kyle McCane is stunned with the results of that kiss.  Somehow the female turned him back to human.  However, the next night the curse returns as he reverts back to vampire.  Thus he seeks the witch who temporarily cured him.  As they kiss every night, the pair searches for a more permanent cure though each likes the lips-locking; at the same time they investigate who or what is killing feral vampires.

The first Things In The Night paranormal investigative romance (see book two The Legend of the Werewolf and book three The Shepard's Agony) is an amusing lighthearted fantasy starring two fascinating protagonists.  Whereas she is The Worst Witch (not the star of the 1980s children movie) except for her healing lips; he is the reluctant part-time vampiric outsider (mindful of the adult leads in Ladyhawke) who no longer belongs in New York City as his family fears that one night soon he will bite them.

Harriet Klausner

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