Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Heir of Khored: Book Three of The Seven-Petaled Shield-Deborah J. Ross

The Heir of Khored: Book Three of The Seven-Petaled Shield
Deborah J. Ross
DAW, Jun 3 2014, $7.99
ISBN: 9780756409210

Nomadic warrior Shannivar of the Azkhantia Steppe joined exiled Prince Zevaron of Meklavar, as each shared in common a loathing of Cinath and the Gelon Empire after this vile ruler led his forces in the violent destruction and brutal annexation of their respective nations.  On their quest to defeat the seemingly invincible Gelon Empire, they fell in love (see Shannivar: The Seven-Petaled Shield).

Although Shannivar prefers to focus (with her beloved at her side) on destroying the Gelon Empire, she must go it alone ever since Fire and Ice liberated from a Far North incarceration turned Zevaron into a minion.  Thus while Zevaron loses focus of the bigger menace by “passionately” concentrating on killing Cinath for murdering his mother and their people, Shannivar confronts Fire and Ice before this malevolence devastates the world in its image.

The third Seven-Petaled Shield fantasy is an exciting fast-paced thriller as the loving partnership appears dead at a critical time when the protagonists need each other.  Fast-paced, series fans will relish this apparent final Good and Evil entry that engagingly ties up the major subplots.

Harriet Klausner 

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