Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Dance In Blood Velvet-Freda Warrington

A Dance In Blood Velvet Freda Warrington Titan Books, Apr 8 2014, $14.95 ISBN: 9781781167069 Following A Taste of Blood Wine, Charlotte decides to unite for eternity with her beloved Karl by converting with his assistance from human to vampire. Though physically successful in her change, Charlotte struggles with mental issues as she feels schizoid with the blood lust that ecstatically quenches her needs but also leaves her with a remorseful bitter aftertaste. Still Charlotte rationalizes that being with Karl is worth giving up her humanity. After ages away, Karl’s former lover Katerina escapes from frozen Weisskalt into the Crystal Ring with one objective. She will do anything, including killing Karl’s present paramour, to get her ex-lover back at her side. Filled with anguish and believing she cannot compete with her beautiful and glamorous rival, Charlotte turns away from her vampire and towards mesmerizing Violette Lenoir the prima ballerina. However, as an ice maiden descendant of Lilith, Violette is a dangerous individual for human and vampire to associate with. The reprint of the second exciting Blood Wine Sequence romantic fantasy is an entertaining sequel though it lacks the briskness of the incredible opening act; which as an aside to newcomers should be read first. Character driven by the competing three strong paranormal females while on the other hand Karl the blood sucking hunk seems comparatively anemic in need of a transplant when being compared to this dynamic trio. Subgenre fans will enjoy Charlotte’s adventures as a vampire in love (and lust). Harriet Klausner

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