Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Redwine Hill: The Secrets At Primevil Asylum-L.L. Stolmeier

Redwine Hill: The Secrets At Primevil Asylum

L.L. Stolmeier

CreateSpace, Jun 17 2012, $13.99

ISBN: 9781477679883

When one turns sixteen, one turns insane. Collectors stalk teens to rob them of any values they have and take them to the nearest asylum. Teen orphan Charlotte C. Carrion knows she may turn crazy, but plans to elude being caught and locked up. When she turns sixteen while inside a Boston bakery, a Collector quickly catches Charlotte and with his gang escorts her to the nearest asylum Redwine Hill;, known by teens as 'Primevil' where torture and death await the incarcerated.

At Primevil, after a three month adjustment in solitary, Charlotte finds conditions at best nightmarish, but makes friends with Serenity and former inmate turned guard Jared. Charlotte realizes many of the inmates die and wonders why when Serenity disappears. Fearing the worst, a resolute Charlotte plans to find what happened to her new BFF and will risk her life to rescue Serinity if she still lives; while Jared tries to keep the brave teen safe.

Using the premise that almost all teens go crazy at sixteen so they need a lockup, Redwine Hill is a dark exciting horror thriller. Ye who enter Primevil Asylum to learn its evil secrets will find the place gory and deadly. Atmospherically gloomy with the only light coming from resilient intrepid teens like courageous Charlotte “Cantankerous” Carrion (adults are one dimensional losers) who are struggling to survive in a sort of like Lord of the Flies hellish prison with sadistic adult former inmates violently ruling the roost.

Harriet Klausner

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