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Changing Worlds: Book 1 of: The Dharalyn Chronicles-Donald Dambois

Changing Worlds: Book 1 of: The Dharalyn Chronicles

Donald Dambois

CreateSpace, Apr 11 2012, $13.99

ISBN: 9781466271111

Her dad Big John Walkerman is very worried about his sixteen year old daughter Danielle who no longer acts like girls her age. He knows the change in personality occurred when her momma Marilyn died in a car accident a few months ago. Though he misses his wife of almost two decades too, Big John has no time to deeply grieve as his children, especially Danielle needs him. Heeding the advice of his sister Sara, Big John decides Danielle needs professional help; he will offer the same to his son Aaron but the lad seems adjusted to the loss of his mom.

However, prayers like those from despondent Danielle often get answered in mysterious ways. Danielle meets depressed Dharalyn just before the latter was dining on the blood of the former’s Gran. While their dangerous adventures together begin in the city with the selling of gems, they become close friends as the human and the vampire hide the vamp’s sustenance need from Danielle’s family and Dharalyn’s species; knowing neither of their kin would take kindly to their being BFFs.

The first Dharalyn Chronicles is filled with action, but driven by the BFFs’ close relationship as two lost souls from polar opposite lifestyles forge a needed friendship at a critical time in their lives. Both are full blooded while the support cast enhances the plot. Fans will enjoy the Changing World of the two delightful Ds as Donald Dambois deftly provides a unique teen lit vampire thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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