Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Survivors-James Wesley, Rawles


James Wesley, Rawles

Atria, Oct 4 2011, $15.34

ISBN: 9781439172803

While politicians fiddled with fake solutions, the economic Crunch had begun. The debt officially at six trillion was over 3 trillion when obligations and off line credit card gimmicks were added to the calculation. Off budget was the only response DC had to the crisis. The dollar is useless; replaced by precious medals, bartering or stealing. People horded what they could, but looting and mob murder took over the streets.

In Afghanistan, Army Ordinance Captain Andy Laine realizes the Crunch will leave soldiers abandoned so he stashes supplies and begins an odyssey to get to his family in Farmington, New Mexico. His brother Lars, a 30-point veteran, tries to keep his wife Beth and their daughter Anelli safe on the family farm in New Mexico. Lars also takes in the three teenage Phelps siblings (Matthew, Reuben, and Shadrack). Not all maintain their humanity while trying to survive. Having established a warehouse near Houston to store his loot, Ignacio Garcia forms La Fuerza, a gang that raids unprotected communities in the southwest.

Survivors is a fascinating cautionary tale that extrapolates what his happening in DC, Wall Street and around the world to predict the collapse of the American Corporacy and how various people will act and react to the implosion rings true. Loaded with plenty of data to defend James Wesley, Rawles assertion a collapse is imminent (for instance fighting two wars on a credit card mentality). is believable. The intriguing story line follows a horde of survivors struggling with the ordeal of the aftermath of the Crunch. Although there are too many stories in the Rawles landscape making it difficult to keep score, fans will relish the “coming collapse” of America.

Harriet Klausner

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