Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Legacy of Kings-C.S. Friedman

Legacy of Kings
C.S. Friedman
Daw, Sep 6 2011, $25.95
ISBN: 9780756406936

The Wrath of the Gods has imprisoned the Souleaters who devoured the life essences of mortals; causing the empires to dissolve into barbarism. In the present, a breach in the Wrath allows these monsters to return to the world they devastated forty generations ago. However, the Souleaters learned from the errors of their ancestors so these creatures are more cunning and smarter. Nobody knew they are back except for Witch Queen Siderea Aminestas who is linked to her Souleater queen.

The Witch-Queen Siderea intends to sue the Souleaters to destroy the Magister sorcerers who also use the life essence of mortals to fuel their magic. The former monk King Salvator Aurelius senses the Souleaters have entered his High Kingdom; he gets the queen killed, but knows the queen to the south still remains a major threat to all mortals.. Former enemies form an alliance to take down Siderea and her Souleater queen.

The Magister Trilogy (see Feast of Souls and Wings of Wrath) comes to a powerful glorious climax with all the major loose ends resolved while also revealing the origin of the Magisters. The story line of the Legacy of Kings is told from various viewpoints which enable the readers to get inside the heads of the different protagonists and antagonists without slowing down the tale. Filled with many twists, series fans will be shocked and enthralled with some of the subplot endings as C.S. Friedman provides a superb quest fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

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