Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boleyn: Tudor Vampire-Cinsearae S.

Boleyn: Tudor Vampire
Cinsearae S.
CreateSpace, May 7 2010, $12.95
ISBN: 9781451559491

In the sixteenth century, heartbroken Queen Anne Boleyn awaits her execution in the London Tower knowing everyone deserted her once the charges surfaced. Accused of adultery and treason by the Duke of Suffolk, she knows her innocence is irrelevant when her Lord, her spouse and her father ignore her plea and that of her accused brother George. Her only crime is to love her husband King Henry VIII. As she dies by hanging, she vows to avenge her wrongful death on those who falsely accused her and those who abandoned her at her time of need.

Her condemnation of God as she neared death leads to the resurrections of Anne, George, and court musician friend Mark Smeaton who was also hung. The trio head to Whitehall Palace to enact vengeance on those who fabricated stories or deserted them.

Although the transformation of real historical figures into paranormal beings is a frequent occurrence (see Lucy Weston’s Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer and Kate Pierce’s Blood of the Rose), Boleyn: Tudor Vampire is a darker thriller. The story line vividly depicts the precarious life of those residing in Henry’s court, but once the threesome return it becomes even bloodier. Fans will appreciate this wrongfully murdered by state execution Anne and her companions as they bite their way back until the undead queen learns that the future belongs to her daughter.

Harriet Klausner

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