Friday, December 10, 2010

Blood Challenge -Eileen Wilks

Blood Challenge
Eileen Wilks
Berkley, Jan 4 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 978425239193

Two separate assassination attempts on Lupi FBI agent Lily Yu and Ruben Brooks fail, but place the group on the highest alert. Most believe the assaults and other hate actions are due to the recent announcement that Lily and Prince Rule Tanner will marry. They assume Humans First leader Robert Friar sanctioned the attack.

Lupi royal Widower Benedict Turner conducts surveillance of Friar’s heavily secured compound. He meets half-breed sidhe Arjenie, who explains she is on a mission for someone forced to assist Friar. Benedict is stunned because his chosen mate died, but he realizes the Lupi goddess has granted him a wonderful rare second chance as he knows Arjenie is his mate. She wants to help her newly found mate, but Arjenie is unable to tell him all she knows due to some sort of spell. Without her information, Benedict and the Lupi will fail to prevent Friar’s latest terrorist plan as all hell breaks out in Tennessee.

This is a fresh Lupi urban fantasy as the lead couple in most of the novels takes a back seat to his sibling, a secondary player in the saga. Action-packed with the attacks assumed to be hate crimes until Tennessee turns Lupi bloody, fans of the series will relish meeting Benedict’s mate in this exciting twisting thriller, which also moves forward the overarching theme.

Harriet Klausner

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