Thursday, November 4, 2010

Real Vampires Have More to Love-Gerry Bartlett

Real Vampires Have More to Love
Gerry Bartlett
Berkley, Dec 7 2010, $14.00
ISBN: 9780425236970

Shopkeeper vampire Glory St. Claire feels ill for having to kill a mortal technofreak although she intellectually knows she had no choice. Making matters worse, is Brent Westwood’s will stipulates that if his two children snarling crossbow carrying Viv and her sibling David want to inherit the multibillion dollar estate of their late father, they must slay Glory. She does not want to kill them, but her protectors will without remorse.

At the same time, Glory arranges a bachelorette party for her friend Flo and helping Aggie the siren host a bridal shower. Finally, Glory struggles between jealous Ray the rock star, former bodyguard Rafe Valdez the shapeshifter, and Jeremy Blade in town for the wedding. However, as Jeremy has to leave, the man Glory killed has found another way to come after her besides manipulating his offspring.

The latest Real Vampires urban fantasy is a fast-paced entry as the son and daughter have several billion reasons to kill Glory who muses that Brent from the grave would still find a way to try to kill her manipulating his adult kids. Although a bounty would have helped the Westwood brood and a super villain feels like comic book caricature in nature, fans of the series will njoy the sixth twisted adventure of Glory who still believes she is too big though the males sniffing at her blood say otherwise.

Harriet Klausner

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