Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wild Ride-Jenifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

Wild Ride
Jenifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
St. Martin’s, Mar 16 2010, $25.95
ISBN: 9780312533779

Dreamland, located in Parkersburg, Ohio, is a rundown amusement park that is receiving a face lift. Mary Alice Brannigan is restoring the fading artwork and remaking the exhibits, but scoffs at the rumors that demons reside there. That proves misfortunate because Dreamland is more than just an aging amusement park; it is the prison for five of the most dangerous Untouchable demons to walk the earth. Each of these evil doers is restrained inside a chalice cup contained with a statue of iron with the keys to unlock their cells spread around the park.

The Guardia elite demon fighting team watch over the five Untouchables to make sure none escape, but if even one manages to get free, they unite to recapture the demon. Mab struggles to believe what she hears and that she will be the newest Guardia warrior now that Funflun the clown is restored the demon escape. She becomes the Seer when the present one dies and former Green Beret Ethan Wayne who has come here to die becomes the Hunter. As a child he lived at Dreamland, but never believed the story until now. As Halloween approaches, led by Kharos the Devil, the Untouchables plan to break out by taking advantage of two skeptical rookies.

This aptly titled book takes readers on a Wild Ride to a decrepit amusement park that serves as a demon prison. Mab fights against her destiny since she does not relate well with people so prefers being left alone to restore art; however she rises to the occasion when she is needed to help with the demon problem. This is an amusing roller coaster urban fantasy that is fun to read as Jenifer Crusie and Bob Mayer never takes the entertaining story line too seriously.

Harriet Klausner

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