Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jabril-D.B. Reynolds

D.B. Reynolds
ImaJinn, Aug 15 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9781933417516

Jabril Karim used his political clout to gain guardianship pf Elizabeth and Mirabelle. When she turned the legal age of consent eighteen, Jabril converted her into a vampire like he is. He took over their home and the teen’s fortune. The Vampire Lord is outsmarted by Elizabeth who planned and executed her escape perfectly. Jabril hires a male private investigator to find her, but also employs P.I. Cynthia Leighton who once had a relationship with Vampire Lord Raphael until he walked away from her.

Jabril wants to irritate his rival Raphael so he pretends Cyn is his only sleuth working for him. His scheme backfires when she finds in Houston what condition Mirabelle is in. Cyn rescues her and takes her to her home in Los Angeles where she comes into Raphael’s orbit because she must beg her former lover to make the teen his own. Cyn looks for Liz among the runaways, but is unaware that a snake creeps in Raphael’s realm ready to sell the women to foster favor with an outraged fuming Jabril.

Jabril is a monster out of the Stoker school of vampires as power is his elixir and anyone else is expendable regardless of the laws governing the North American vampires. Raphael is his opposite coming out of the modern day romance school of vampires as he cares what happens to others and abides by the governing laws. The fabulous story line focuses on the vast diversity of ethics between the eight Vampire Lords with the concentration being on the two polar opposites. Cyn is sinfully perfect as the rope in the vampiric tug of war. Wit this sequel to RAPHAEL, D.B. Reynolds provides a wonderful and exciting Vampires in America urban fantasy that will appeal to fans of vampire romantic thrillers.

Harriet Klausner

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