Monday, April 6, 2009

Faery Moon-P.R. Frost

Faery Moon
P.R. Frost
Daw, Jun 2009, $24.95
ISBN: 9780756405564

After contacting and surviving imp fever at the Citadel, Tess Noncoire becomes a Celestial Blade Warrior, bonded to her imp Scrap. Instead of staying at the Citadel with its restrictions, she and Scrap become Rogues; individuals working outside the system to stop demons from coming into our realm. The pair plus her grieving mother who just lost her demon husband are in Las Vegas where Tess attends a writer's conference while her depressed mom wants to see the show the Fairy Moon.

They find the show enchanting especially the winged dancers flying without any apparent wires. When Scrap enters the Interdimensional Chat Room, he sees the portal to Faery leaking out energy; which upsets the balance of the realms. They learn the flying dancers are real faeries trapped as performers against their will by Lord Graham. He, with the help of a vampire and other cohorts, has created an incarceration net that does not allow the faeries to leave the building. Tess, her archivist Golum, Damien the half demon, Lucia the vampire pretending to be ademon or is that a demon pretending to be a vamp, and their cab driver Mickey work together to liberate the faeries, send them home, and close the leak.

The protagonist is an amazon fighter who has an imp that turns into a magical Celestial Blade when she is in battle. Tess is brave and resourceful as she copes with the traumas life his tossed at her. P.R. Frost has written a fabulous urban fantasy filled with danger, intrigue and heartache as Tess and Scrap bond into a powerful unit who symbiotically need one another to survive. Readers will stay up late enjoying this engaging magical tale because it enchants the reader.

Harriet Klausner

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