Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Rainbow Connection-Ian Harac

The Rainbow Connection
Ian Harac
Black Wyrm, Feb 1 2009, $11.95
ISBN: 9780982006719
10307 Chimney Ridge Ct
Louisville, KY 40299

FBI Agent Matt Anders is part o the nerd patrol keeping illegal fiction from coming to Prime earth from other dimensions. He is currently undercover investigating a tip he received from Bobbie Sinderman claiming Comics and More owner Big Frank Brummerman is an illegal bootlegger of merchandise from alternate universes. At a convention, he asks Big Frank if he has any copies of classic Star Trek fourth season; never produced on Prime. Big Frank tells him to meet him later.

He and his partner Brian Friedman arrive at the meeting point when they see a munchkin obviously from Oz. Although they are not supposed to carry weapons, Brian pulls out a gun and kills the alien. Matt is stunned with the outcome of the unnecessary shooting death. His boss Julius Glen informs him nothing will happen to Brian. He also learns that Frank was killed in prison after his arrest for smuggling in the munchkin. Julius assigns Matt to investigate serendipitously Brummerman’s illegal business trafficking. He starts with Bobbie and soon they are fleeing for their lives from cops in a part of Oz Baum failed to imagine and on the censored world of Kansas as well as being charged with murder on Prime for accident killing Brian.

With a nod to Butcher’s Thursday Next, this is a wild satire that lampoons the INS, other Federal law enforcement agencies and Kansas. The story line is fast-paced and descriptive whether it is flying monkeys or munchkins as the key on Oz or the ban on books not pertaining to black and white “Kansas” (think of the opening sequence of the Garland movie). Fans will want to accompany Matt and Bobbie as they dodge cops on three worlds while trying to stay alive and uncover an illegal bootlegging slavery conspiracy.

Harriet Klausner

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