Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dogs and Goddesses-Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich

Dogs and Goddesses
Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich
St. Martin's, Feb 2009, $7.99
ISBN 9780312944377

In Summerville, Ohio, desperate to improve the behavior of their respective canines, three women attend a dog obedience training session. Recent California transplant Temple Street Coffeehouse owner Abby Richmond accompanied by Bowser the Newfoundlander; Web writer Daisy Harris and Baily the Jack Russell; and ancient history professor Shar Summer with Wolfie the dachshund bond during the two week training sessions hosted by dog trainer Kammani Gula.

The three new friends soon learn their instructor is actually the Mesopotamian goddess Kammani, who ruled the world four millennium ago. She plans to do so again with her three female students serving as her loyal priestesses. However, in spite of the Goddess granting them the ability to communicate with their dogs, the trio does not believe the world starting in Ohio needs a despotic Goddess; men are bad enough.

This is an outrageous zany paranormal thriller starring three women, their dogs, and a Goddess; all fully developed with differing personalities. The audience will laugh out loud at the chick-canine lit discussions especially with hyperactive Bailey. Still with all the amusing asides, the story line is fast-paced and exciting as the three novice dog owners try to prevent an ancient Goddess from taking over the world starting with them as her first draftees in small town Ohio.

Harriet Klausner

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