Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dark Harvest-Lynda Hilburn

Dark Harvest
Lynda Hilburn
Medallion, Oct 2008, $15.95
ISBN: 193383661X

Dr. Kismet Knight is on Denver’s WOW talk radio billed as the vampire psychologist though most listeners assume this is a gimmick. Actually this is the bloody truth in her case. Six months ago she became THE VAMPIRE SHRINK when a serial killing vampire almost murdered her. During her biting ordeal, Kismet met her lover eight hundred year old Master Vampire Devereux; he wants her to be his mate, but she hesitates.

On the air, the most ancient known vampire Hallow calls her and over the phone melts her bones turning her into a shrink in heat. Hallow wants to make Kismet his slave; Devereux vows to protect his beloved from the most evil bloodsucker walking the earth. The malevolent bloodsucker easily circumvents Devereux’s protective efforts; Kismet makes it easier for the wicked one by refusing to lose her independence. Neither is aware that those close to them could become pawns in Hallows game.

This Mile High chick lit urban fantasy will appeal to fans of Laurel K. Hamilton and Lilith Saintcrow as the heroine’s courage and mouth will remind the audience of their respective stars. Kismet is an independent soul who begins to lose her free will as Hallow works his magic to break her. The love between the vampire and the psychologist is beautiful to behold as he painted her portrait before they met. That link and why Hallow obsesses over Kismet are critical to the story line as Lynda Hilburn writes a unique and bewitching vampire in Denver thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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