Friday, July 4, 2008

The Divine Talisman-Eldon Thompson

The Divine Talisman
Eldon Thompson
Eos, Sep 2008,
ISBN: 9780060741549

On the island continent of Pentania, to save his people, former mushroom farmer, King Torin of Alson, the bearer of the legendary Crimson Sword, sacrificed himself. However his death bought time for his people to unite the country against the horde of the evil Illysp, but the capital is divided into warring factions grasping for power; civil war is imminent at a time when the Illysp send their even more malevolent once dead Illychar to destroy and recruit all in their path. Adding to the certainty of defeat, death, and reincarnation as a mindless evil Illychar, is the only symbol of hope, the Crimson Sword which is lost.

No one is aware that Itz lar Thrakkon "the Boundless One" Illychar has possessed Torin’s body; obtaining his memories. The final hope resides with the half-breed daughter of the last Vandari elf; this half-elven Annleia must defeat Thrakkon and beg the all knowledgeable Dragon God Ravar to reveal how to vanquish the Illysp if there is a way; three impossible tasks.

The final tale in The Legend of Asahiel saga (see THE CRIMSON SWORD and THE OBSIDIAN KEY) is an exhilarating good vs. evil fantasy with a marvelous twist, the fate of Torin that provides freshness to the typical quest saga that is much of the makeup of this thriller. The story line is fast-paced as Annleia becomes the last resort hero with no chance of success at achieving any of her BHAGs let alone all three. Fans of the series will appreciate this fine entry but new readers would be better suited to read the previous books, especially THE OBSIDIAN KEY, to better understand how things got so desperate on Pentania.

Harriet Klausner

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