Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bad Moon Rising-Jonathan Maberry

Bad Moon Rising
Jonathan Maberry
Pinnacle, May 2008m $6.99
ISBN: 9780786018178

Thirty years ago in Pine Deep, Pennsylvania blight came upon the land killing crops and farm animals. This affected Uber Griswold, a Serbian werewolf, who lived in an isolated part of town drinking animal blood. After the affliction occurred, he went on a killing spree, murdering many humans until the Bone Man killed him and interred his body in the swamp. For years Griswold was in hibernation until he abruptly awakened and telepathically contacted his friend Vic Wingate who was making plans to bring Uber back to life.

Criminals Karl Ruger and Ken Boyd stop in Pine Deep when their car breaks down. In some mystical way Griswold turns them into vampires without killing them. Some know what they are including Crow and his pregnant lover, Val; as both had family killed by Uber years ago. Now Vic and Karl who worship Uber as their deity make plans for Halloween that if successful will destroy the town and much more; perhaps the country. With the confrontation coming soon, certain people will make a difference depending on which side they align with.

BAD MOON RISING is a chilling, thrilling and exciting horror tale that will appeal to fans of Salem’s Lot. That audience and others will appreciate Jonathan Maberry’s fine work as the key players especially the paranormal are three dimensional while starring in a complex plot that keep readers wondering who will win this battle between good and evil.

Harriet Klausner

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